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In October , Apple founder Steve Jobs died, leaving a legacy that continues to affect the world in unforeseen ways. The tech world carried on and gained even more momentum. Instagram launched in October and took off in the Uranus in Aries period. The world saw plenty of other changes in social media as well as constant platform changes, countless apps, and continuing innovation. Aries-born people typically love speed and cars. In , Google acquired the first licenses for such cars, and three states passed laws allowing them. Finally, you may have noticed constant change in personal identity since , both in your life and the lives of others.

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Many people tried new images and careers over and over again. Social media and the internet made it easier than ever to change our images: just upload a new photo for your profile, redefine your personal brand, and take off in a new direction. You can put the past few years of Uranus in Aries into better perspective with some background about the zodiac sign Aries. No matter what your sign, you have Aries in your astrological birth chart. Also, see my Aries Guided Meditation to tune in to this sign more deeply. We may see changes affecting our planet, Earth. In fact, Taurus is associated with Earth herself.

With awareness, our bodies can tap into that power to create workable plans and simplified systems that make life easier, more comfortable, and more beautiful. We also can use these vibrations spiritually to receive inspiration through prayer and meditation. In addition, Uranus may give us some "eureka!

With the Taurus period, the pace likely will slow. Taurus is ruled by loving, pleasure seeking Venus, who never wants to rush. Humanity has a chance to stand with the Earth and all creation in remaking our world into a peaceful, just, and loving place for all beings and especially our planet. So often, what holds us back are obstacles of our own making, and now we can see what they are and let them go.

The Week Ahead for Taurus

I wish you joy on this adventure. The conversation here can help everyone as we all navigate this time. Hi, I love your site. I have a question about transiting Uranus. Do we follow our sun sign or our rising sign as to what house Uranus is transiting? I have experienced much travel since Uranus entered my 9th house. But if I follow Libra, my rising, it was right on with Uranus being in my 8th house as well. Just wondering.


Also, does Uranus force necessary change even if you resist against it? I have found in my life it is as if I have no control when Uranus starts its disruptive cycle. Thank you. Thank you,Lynnette! And yes, with the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto , it feels beyond our control in many ways. Surrender and acceptance — with creative response to whatever comes our way — helps so much in managing these energies. Along with spiritual work: prayer, meditation.

Thanks for writing! Hi I feel the unexpect could happend ,no matters if I close my eyes or go under my sheets as a person what belive on antient gods and godess who left their wisdown on us to take care the animals and own lives ,the first impulse is the right. Thinking about the shadows makes us the light of the candles ,let ride the horse of earth carrying the news we own. May one day in somewhere the one rise from the mud and shows that the mankind is connected to something more powerful we somehow thought No threat gets a end without begining.

Thank you, Yago. Yes, it feels like anything could happen!

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And that makes it a great opportunity — as you said, to light the candles, rise from the mud, and carry the news and the light. May your experience be a liberating and enlightening one during this powerful time! Your site is the best! I am Taurus, first decan, Leo rising, and Pisces moon. I lost my mom in I got laid of in but was able to start a business and move to another country and stayed there for 5 months with the financial support of my dad.

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Financially, our family was blessed. I lost my dad in Also in , my sister and I had dispute on a property. She has stopped talking to me. She initially had said she is willing to relinquish her share of the deed to me.

Money & Career

Now that Uranus is in Taurus, I am concerned where it will take me. You had mentioned that Uranus has our best interest and you also gave an advise to another reader here to stay positive. On your forecast, it shows that Uranus will have big impact on money for Taurus. Should I worry? Thank goodness though that our family investment is still flourishing but I know it will not last.

I need to prepare for the next 7 years and beyond. Does Uranus in Taurus necessarily bring negative impact in finances, etc? Thank you so much, Jose! First, please let go of worrying. Click For Forecast Report. With the Starlight Solutions Report, you can get either a 3 month or 12 month look ahead and likely will find it very helpful. And, you have a birthday coming! If you know your birth time, the Many Happy Returns solar return report is really helpful.

Thanks again for writing, Jose. What a great opportunity! Thank you for your informative articles on the subject, I have bookmarked your page to ensure I can find the information again at a later date. I am very interested in how Uranus will shake up my life over the next 7 years. I have Aquarius as my North Node and Uranus 9th house in my birth chart.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

I am a Taurus and have felt the influence of Uranus when it entered Taurus in I went on a radical change to my diet and exercise, which no doubt will continue. I am interested to know what to expect from Aquarius in regards to the Nodal influence. Also I have Scorpio as my ascendant. I look forward to your insight, thank you. Thanks so much, Rosemary! Glad you found my site and are enjoying this article. Congratulations to you for being so aware of your chart and the energies: Uranus in Taurus will bring great opportunity in the midst of all its change!

May it be a wonderful cycle for you! Rosemary, a couple more thoughts for you. First, as a Taurus, do check out the many Taurus articles here on the site to connect strongly with your sign and purpose.

Also, with Uranus so active, and your North Node in Aquarius, see the Aquarius article and the Aquarius meditation — link to meditation at the end of the Aquarius article :. Thanks for taking the time to write such a in-depth post. Then just last week, I was laid off.